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"Just wanted to let you know we’re very pleased with the sofa refinishing you did for us.   And our dog has agreed to not get on the sofa in the future…so hopefully your work will last for years to come.  
Thanks for helping us save $$$ and get years of life from our furniture.  The wife loves the darker color too!"

David Gustafson, Carlsbad California

May, 2015 

"I am the owner and Manager of 2 luxury beach condos and have to keep everything in tip top shape for my guests. In my rentals I have 5 leather chairs. You know, the big ones that cost a fortune to replace. Three of my chairs were severely sun damaged and two had been chewed by a dog. I was going to have to replace all of them and knew that in order to afford it I was going to have to do it one or two at a time. I was dreading it! Not just because of the cost involved, but also the time it takes in shopping for new ons, hopefully finding ones I liked, having the old ones removed and then waiting around for a delivery truck to bring in the new ones. This whole process was going to be even more difficult to accomplish in between guests. It was especially painful because I absolutely still loved everything about the old chairs. Perfect style, perfect size, perfect color but they were just looking too worn out and tired. When I saw Ty's ad I was super excited to find out that she could fix all of them for less than it would cost to buy even one of the chairs. I didn't even know she could fix the ones with the pet damage. I thought for sure they were trash! After she had fixed the faded ones I was extremely impressed with her work. They literally look brand new!!!! She carefully explained the whole process to me and then was able to schedule an appointment that week. She arrived on time and quickly got to work. She is extremely neat, clean, fast, efficient and does beautiful work. The chairs look brand new. All of my guests have made comments of how great they look. Then she took a look at the other two with the pet damage and without blinking said "oh yea, I can fix that." Again, she did a beautiful professional job! I had no idea this kind of service existed and I am so extremely grateful that I saw her ad. If you have good quality leather, please please do not throw them out. You can get many more years out of them, saving yourself time, money and a lot of hassle. Thanks TyLee!!"

Penny L.  Carlsbad California 

September 2016